Undergraduate Admissions





Registration should be made on the days announced in the calendar.  A course may not be entered after the first week except by the special permission of the instructor and with the approval of the Dean of Academic Affairs.  A person registering after the dates indicated in the calendar shall pay a $10.00 late charge.



Students desiring admission to Mississippi Baptist Seminary must secure and complete the appropriate application for admission and provide letters of recommendation as specified on the application for admission.  Students must request their high school to send an official six or seven-semester transcript, which lists all high school courses of immunization for measles, mumps, and rubella.   Applications are accepted year-round for admission for Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions.


The High School Course Requirements are listed below:

Subject Carnegie Units Description
English 4 Must have a writing component
Mathematics 3 Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or higher
Science 3 Biology, Advanced Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Physic, and Advance Physical Science or other science courses with comparable rigor and content
Social Studies 2 United States History, World History, Government (½unit) and Geography (½ unit) or Geography (½unit)
Advanced Electives 2 Choose from a foreign language, Geography, the math above Algebra II or science from those listed above (1 unit must be in Foreign language or Geography)
Computer Application ½ Choose Computer applications/programming course
Visual and Performance Arts 1
Pre-High School Units Algebra I, first-year Foreign Language or Mississippi Studies or Computer Applications are taken prior to high school will be accepted for admissions provided the course content is the same as the high school course.


Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted from students.  Official ACT or SAT scores of 16 or more,
for all applicants finishing high school within the past five years, are to be mailed to the Office of the Registrar. 

These documents must be sent to:

Mississippi Baptist Seminary
3160 J. R. Lynch Street
Jackson, MS 39209


Applicants who do not graduate from high school must submit qualifying scores on a state-approved high school equivalency examination, transcript which denotes academic performance. The Seminary recognizes General Education Development (GED Testing Service).


The original admissions documents will be collected by the Extensions’ Administrative Assistant and mailed to the Official Registrar, located at the Main Campus with seven days of receipt.


Students who do not meet the requirements for admissions will be invited to enroll in Academic Develop I, a semester-long remediation program to address the student’s deficiencies to include the subjects English, Reading, and Mathematics. Upon successful completion of these subjects, the student will be guided to take or retake the General Education Development Test and/or ACT examination to achieve an acceptable entry score. Those who receive an acceptable entry-level score after retaking the General Education Development Test and/or ACT will be allowed to enroll in a regular academic program as a freshman, but are eligible to participate in the Academic Support Program for the remainder of their Freshman year. The Academic Development I and II remediation courses in English, Reading, and Mathematics are intensive and will not be included as credits toward graduation. Another semester-long Academic Support Program, Academic Development II is required for students who score 14 – 16 on the ACT and will include classroom, individual, career counseling, and computer-assisted instruction.


Those who fail to make an acceptable entry-level score following the semester-long remediation, will not be allowed to enroll until the student can meet the required entry-level requirements.