Statement of Faith and Affirmation

1. I affirm my belief in Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity, who was and forever will be fully God and fully man in one person as I affirm my commitment to the vision and mission of the Mississippi Baptist Seminary and Bible College (MBSBC) and the General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Mississippi, Inc. (GMBSC).


2.  I affirm my belief in the Holy Bible as the inerrant Word of God written by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and is the final authority for faith and Christian conduct.


3.  I affirm my commitment to the practice of building a sound Christian character and of developing a strong personal faith in the Lordship of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Holy Bible.


4. I affirm my membership and commitment to a local Baptist Church or a historical Christian Church.


5. I affirm my commitment to use Christian innovative approaches in the classroom that address the contemporary challenges in Christian Ministry.


6. I affirm my commitment and ability to contribute to the developmental success and relevance of the academic curriculum/programs of the MBSBC as an instructor.


7. I affirm my commitment to the characteristics of a servant-leader as demonstrated by Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible.


8. I affirm my commitment and ability to be sensitive to all students, other faculty, and staff regardless of their race, gender, nationality, age, denominational beliefs, and physical condition.


9. I affirm my commitment to advocate strong Christian principles and practices; and assist each student in his or her spiritual, ministerial, and personal formations.


10. I affirm my commitment to the Baptist Articles of Faith and The Church Covenant.


11. I affirm my commitment to the governance/polity of the General Mississippi Baptist State Convention.