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All tuition and fees are to be paid in full at the time of registration each term.  No exceptions will be made unless prior arrangements have been made with the Registrar in the Main Office.


Master Degree $60.00 per credit hour
Bachelor Degree Courses $40.00 per credit hour
Continuing Education Courses (Audit) $60.00 per course



Application (new students only; non-refundable $35.00
Registration (each semester) $30.00
Late Registration $20.00
Graduation $110.00
Transcript $8.00



After 1st class meeting  90%
After 2nd class meeting 40%
Note: No refunds will be given after the 3rd class meeting
“These costs are accurate at the time of this publication.  Tuition, fees, and book prices may change in the future and will be reflected in future editions of the publication.  Fee changes will be approved by the Seminary Board of Directors.  Each student is billed 100% of the tuition and fees due.  Unpaid balances are subject to referral to collection agencies.”   Tuition adjustments are based upon the date classes begin and the dates by which a student adds or withdraws.  To add a course, students must secure forms from the Registrar before the deadline to add the course.  Students withdrawing before the end of the semester must complete an application for withdrawal form, secured from the Registrar.  


About Us

The purpose of the Mississippi Baptist Seminary is to educate and develop Christians for worldwide leadership and service. This purpose embraces the institution’s founders’ beliefs and values as represented in the goals and objectives delineated below. The purpose was and is to offer a valuable resource to perpetuate Baptist traditions in ministry for ministerial and laity leaders through teaching and religious nurturing for effective leadership of largely Black and rural minorities

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