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Considering the founding traditions, purpose, and mission, and the needs of the emerging millennial era, the Mississippi Baptist Seminary institutional goals and objectives are:


Goal 1:

Train pastors, ministers, and lay leaders capable of providing quality theological leadership in the Baptist tradition as an accredited institution with State approval and Regional accreditation.



  • To develop and deliver a variety of credit-bearing programs that leads to a degree or professional recognition through a minimum of six Extension Centers across the State of Mississippi.
  • To maintain an active roster of highly qualified instructors, teachers and lecturers
  • To implement a comprehensive plan for curriculum assessment, program and course evaluation, and student learning. 
  • To develop student-centered curriculum programs that foster spiritual formation, ethical leadership, and Christian values based on biblical principles.
  • To use the ACS HeadMaster software system to capacity to manage student data and staff records.


Goal 2:

To establish quality theological undergraduate and graduate programs which will prepare candidates for the receipt of a Professional Certificate or one or more of the following degrees:

Professional Certificates, Associate of Divinity, Associate of Religious Education, Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity, Master

Of Arts in Biblical Counseling, Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

And the Master of Arts in Education. 



  • To develop and implement a quality comprehensive curriculum for each Certificate and degree program
  • To offer Certificate programs for Christian Education and Biblical Studies
  • To offer degrees for  Associate, Bachelor and Master level degree programs


Goal 3:

Develop and implement a student recruitment and retention strategy



  • To establish an Alumni Association and involve the members in recruitment plans and activities
  • To establish a Student Council and encourage their participation in determining how the Seminary can best meet student needs
  • To implement a plan for consistently improving support of students’ success through increased scholarship support.
  • To develop and maintain a system of student advising to optimize student counseling to ensure continued student progress
  • • To include a student in the planning and implementation of the Annual Student Summit, the General Missionary Baptist State Convention, and the Academic Advisory Council
  • To implement a mechanism for student evaluation of instructors and curriculum
  • To use the connection with the General Missionary Baptist State Convention to assist students to the network to facilitate matriculation in ministry
  • To establish an annual Student Recruitment Day at the July Session of General Missionary Baptist State Convention


Goal 4:

Promote the sustainability of the Mississippi   Baptist Seminary through the encouragement of lifelong learning.



  • To establish and implement a five (5) year sustainability plan which includes yearly fundraising goals
  • To identify and solicit form potential donors and supporters 
  • To prepare templates for contacting donors and supporters to launch a $500,000.00 fundraising campaign
  • To enlist and solicit the support of a fundraising specialist 
  • To establish a team of students and staff to develop and implement fundraising activities 
  • To establish financial management policies and procedures for fundraising activities 
  • To launch a $500,000 dollar fundraising campaign annually 


Goal 5:

Create an identity to promote effective communications for institutional success 



  • To secure a consultant to formulate communications plan to include a message, brand, and tagline 
  • To implement an advertisement campaign that will include print materials,  radio, television, and billboard advertisements
  • To develop quality brochures as needed to communicate with various publics
  • To develop a communications plan that consists of advertisements about the

  Seminary and its degree programs at least once quarterly


Goal 6:

Build collaborative relationships and partnerships with a variety of organizations to increase greater positive community outcomes 



  • To develop relationships with colleges and universities within the State to determine how all students can be best served 
  • To connect with local community leaders to determine how the Seminary can assist to be a local catalyst for change
  • To work with local churches to assist them in the attainment of their ministerial goals 



Goal 7:

Establish a Mississippi Baptist Seminary Accountability and Development plan 



  • To develop and implement an Extensions Review process to ensure compliance with required policies and procedures
  • To develop and implement the Academic Advisory Council which will include student participation
  • To conduct an annual review of all Extensions for compliance with curriculum, program and financial requirements
  • To prepare an Annual Report of the State of Affairs of the Seminary by December 30 of each year
  • To convene an annual Student Summit at the Main Campus to provide a forum to share personal growth and development, research, and innovative ideas and projects


The Educational Goals and objectives are:

Goal 1:

Provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary Christian and theological education based on the Baptist tradition from a biblical perspective.



  • To develop student-centered curriculum programs that foster spiritual formation, ethical leadership, and Christian values based on biblical principles.
  • To articulate effectively the distinctive of the Baptist faith in the context of the church, community and Convention affiliation.


Goal 2:

Encourage excellence in learning, teaching, research, administration and personal and professional development.



  • To increase knowledge of the Word of God and the authority, and power of Jesus Christ in service to man.
  • To communicate effectively verbally and in writing to engage an audience as the gospel is proclaimed.
  • To dedicate oneself to the principle of lifelong learning and research as it relates to spiritual growth.


Goal 3:

Graduate highly qualified students who are equipped to perform in pastoral ministry and lay leadership.

  • To demonstrate Christ-like character in daily living and in relationship to mankind.
  • To demonstrate the ability to think critically and logically apply scripture in love to minister to others.
  • To minister effectively the Word of God, rightly dividing the Word of Truth to fulfill the Great Commission.


Mississippi Baptist Seminary’s educational objectives relate specifically to the institution’s vision, purpose and goals of educating and developing Christians for worldwide leadership and service.  The Mississippi Baptist Seminary’s guiding principles are to achieve the highest levels of institutional effectiveness through evaluation and the implementation of programs that safeguard the integrity of our mission.  The core values are adherence to biblical principles and Christian standards of social justice and the full humanity of all persons; respect for our students and our faculty, and fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency.


About Us

The purpose of the Mississippi Baptist Seminary is to educate and develop Christians for worldwide leadership and service. This purpose embraces the institution’s founders’ beliefs and values as represented in the goals and objectives delineated below. The purpose was and is to offer a valuable resource to perpetuate Baptist traditions in ministry for ministerial and laity leaders through teaching and religious nurturing for effective leadership of largely Black and rural minorities

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