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The Seminary’s mission also grows out of this purpose.  The mission is to provide theological education in the Baptist tradition to persons called to serve the church in pastoral ministry and lay leadership.  The Mississippi Baptist Seminary offers itself as a “Seminary on Wheels” by supporting the locations and work of its Extensions to ensure that persons receive theological training within or near their home communities. 

To realize its mission The Mississippi Baptist Seminary will encourage excellence in Biblical learning, teaching, research, administration, and development. 


About Us

The purpose of the Mississippi Baptist Seminary is to educate and develop Christians for worldwide leadership and service. This purpose embraces the institution’s founders’ beliefs and values as represented in the goals and objectives delineated below. The purpose was and is to offer a valuable resource to perpetuate Baptist traditions in ministry for ministerial and laity leaders through teaching and religious nurturing for effective leadership of largely Black and rural minorities

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Jackson, MS 39209

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