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Who We Are?

The Mississippi Baptist Seminary & Bible College is an undergraduate/graduate professional school. Since its inception, the Mississippi Baptist Seminary has sought to provide a theological education to persons called to serve the church without regard to the level of past academic attainment. The Mississippi Baptist Seminary and Bible College offers both degree and non-degree programs of instruction, thereby it has prepared persons to effectively serve the Church.

Our Vision

The Mississippi Baptist Seminary’s vision is to educate and develop Christians for worldwide leadership and service. The Seminary is committed to providing men and women with outstanding interdisciplinary undergraduate/graduate professional education for the practice in Biblical theology. The Seminary trains both clergy and laity for the practice of Christian ministry and various professional social vocations. The Seminary’s Board, faculty and staff believe in fostering an academic environment in which students and faculty are able to dialogue about critical issues facing the church, society and the world. The Seminary’s holistic educational philosophy enhances the spiritual, intellectual, and social growth of its students.

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Our Mission

The Seminary’s mission is to provide a theological education in the Baptist tradition to persons called to serve the church in pastoral ministry and lay leadership. The Mississippi Baptist Seminary offers itself as a “Seminary on Wheels” through its extensions’ work in order that persons receive theological training within or near their areas or locations.