General Information

The Mississippi Baptist Seminary's vision is to educate and develop Christians for worldwide leadership and service.  We are committed to providing men and women with outstanding interdisciplinary undergraduate/graduate professional education for the practice in Biblical theology. 
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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Baptist Seminary Bible College extend greetings to all attendees. We are grateful to each of you for your presence and support of this ministry which will sharpen our ministerial tools, improve our interpersonal skills, and to grow in the faith of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
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Extension Centers

The Mississippi Baptist Seminary, since its inception has sought to provide a theological education to persons called to serve the church. Through offering
degree and non-degree programs of instruction, the Seminary has prepared persons to effectively serve the church.
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General Missionary Baptist
State Convention

The General Baptist Association and the General Convention were merged in 1890 to form the General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Mississippi (GMBSC) under the leadership of the Reverend Randle Pollard, an old ex-slave preacher hailed as the “Father of Negro Baptists in Mississippi.”
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